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Welcome to Year 5


Spring 1 in Year 5



Our core text this half term is Charlotte’s Web. We will be producing three pieces of writing: a persuasive letter, a non-chronological report and a shape poem. Our SPaG focus will be on prefixes and suffixes, as well as relative clauses. We will be making our writing cross-curricular by writing things like fact files about endangered animals in the rainforest.
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Our main focus this half term is on number and place value, ensuring the children have a good knowledge of 6-digit numbers. We will be focusing on decimal numbers using tenths and hundredths, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We will also be rounding decimal numbers to the nearest tenth and whole numbers. A lot of the number work we do will also incorporate a variety of different units of measurement, involving distance, length, capacity and mass.

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Our Science topic this half term is Animals and their Habitats. The children will be learning about different life cycles, comparing and contrasting very different life cycles, for example humans and butterflies. We will include some drama in our Science lessons by re-enacting the life cycle of a butterfly, too! We will then discoverer and compare different plant life, finding out how particular plant life survives in certain conditions. We will do the same for mammals living in and out of the rainforest.

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Our topic this half term is Rainforests. We will research different rainforests around the world, identifying their main features. We will discuss and debate deforestation, and its impact on Earth, before using the green screen to record interviews with tribe members and tree cutters! Next the children will create a fact file about an endangered animal from the rainforest, before moving onto investigate the importance of the Amazon River to the South American rainforest. In Art, we will use printing techniques to create a leaf print, using a large rainforest-type leaf as our inspiration. Finally, the children will use the forest area of our school to show their survival skills, as if they were stranded in a real rainforest!
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