Learning Logs

As part of their home learning, children will be given a learning log where they can complete their own research and work about topics which we are studying. This could be by finding things at home, asking an adult, finding a book or researching on the internet. Each half term we will stick in a list of topics and suggested tasks. Children can choose from one or more of these tasks or can complete their own research on the topic. They do not need to complete all the tasks and may choose to focus on only a couple each half term. They can be presented in different ways with pictures, writing and things stuck into their logs. The front and back can also be covered.

Autumn Term

Victorian Manchester

A fantastic start to the Year, well done for putting in so much effort and creating some excellent pieces of work. 

Spring Term

Maya Civilisation

This term we will be studying the Ancient Maya tribes and how they helped paved the way for future generations. I can't wait to see what you create!