Whitefield Community

Primary School

Aims of our School


  We aim to provide a holistic approach, wherein the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values we espouse are embedded in every aspect of school life. We aim to foster and develop a caring community where  everyone feels respected and value and children are happy.

  Our core values of Inspire, Dream, Achieve underpins life in our school and how we conduct ourselves both in school and when representing the school at outside events.

 Inspire: We aim to Inspire all children to develop a lifelong love of learning by providing an exciting,  stimulating and broad curriculum that challenges their learning

 Dream: We aim to encourage all children to set themselves aspirational goals; develop independent learners and thinkers who will achieve beyond their dreams

 Achieve:We aim to ensure each child attains the highest academic achievements of which he or she is capable.

Code Of Conduct