Staff -  2016/2017

Senior Leadership Team:

 Headteacher: Mr Martin Van Hecke             

Mrs G Donnelly:                 Deputy Headteacher (three days)

Mrs A Williams:                  Deputy Headteacher (two days) SENCO, Foundation Stage & KS1 Leader

Mrs K Dearing:                  Year 4 Teacher & Writing Coordinator 


Teaching Staff:

 Nursery:     Mrs G Knights (Science Coordinator) 

 Reception:  Mrs E Whittle (Reading Coordinator)

Year One:    Mrs A Russell Art & D&T Coordinator

Year Two:    Mrs P Woodward (PE Coordinator)

Year Three:  Mr A Grover (Music Coordinator)

Year Four:    Mrs K Dearing /Mr S Russell (one day)

Year Five:     Miss A Mellor (Maths Coordinator)

Year Six:      Miss C Edge (Geography and History Coordinator)


 Mr Russell working the other four days each week covering PPA and supporting Pupil Premium pupils.


HLTA/support assistants

Miss G Bradshaw (Year 5 )

Miss H Edwards (Year 3)

Mrs H Garrett (HLTA, Learning Mentor, Computing Coordinator)

Mrs K Hanrahan (Nursery)

Mrs T Johnson (Year 1)

Mrs J Keogh (Year 2)

Mrs J Marks (Year 3)

Mrs S Soni (Year 4)

Miss S Taylor (Nursery)

Mrs K Thornton (Reception)

Ms L Warner (Year 1)

Mrs G Wilkinson (Year 4)


Mrs S Coates: School Secretary

Mr B Dillon:    Site Manager

Jen              :    Cleaners



Mid-day Supervisors:

Mrs S Holdsworth:                Full-time (one hour and thirty minutes)

Mrs B McDonald:                  Full-time (one hour and thirty minutes)




Mrs M Salt:                               Catering Supervisor

Mrs C Heyes:                            Catering Assistant

Mrs S Hayes:                            Catering Assistant