Victoria Avenue, Manchester, Lancashire, m45 6DP


Whitefield Community Primary School

Roll of Honour



Congratulations to Head Boy 2019-20: 

Yusuf A Y6 


Congratulations to Head Girl 2019-20: 

 Fauziyah Y6


Congratulations to Deputy Head Boy 2019-20: 

 Deen Y6


Congratulations to Deputy Head Girl 2019-20: 

 Lucy Y6


Congratulations to our Head Prefects 2019-20: 

Jasmine Y6 and Ollie Y6


Well done to our new School Prefects 2019-20:

Jessica Y6, Anoosh Y6, Yusuf M Y6, Muhammed Y6.


Congratulations to our Chief Librarian 2019-20:

Elizabeth Y6.

Librarians 2019-20: 

Wasil Y6, David Y6. 


Celebrations for our new Animal Carers 2019-20: 

Sumayah Y5, David Y6, Jasmine Y6, Jamila Y6.


Fighting for our beautiful planet our new Eco Councillors 2019-20:

Mushime Y3, Favour Y3, Keziah Y4, Paul Y4, Mariam Y6, Emelia Y6, Anoosh Y6.


Super news for our play times and lunchtimes with our new Play Leaders 2019-20:

Thomas Y3, Favour Y3, Ethan Y4, Logan Y4, Elham Y4, Chadane Y4, Cameron Y4, Vansh Y5, Anoosh Y6, Miley Y6.


Helping with all of schools Computing needs... our Tech Jedi's 2019-20:

Lucy Y6, Jasmine Y6, Yusuf A Y6, Wasil Y6, Yusuf M Y6, Elizabeth Y6, Dylan Y6.