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Whitefield Community Primary School



Hello and welcome to our Nursery at Whitefield Community Primary School. Here at our Nursery we are proud to offer an exciting and interesting curriculum that is shaped from a love of play and curiosity to know more. We pride ourselves on striving to provide learning experiences that give your child the best start to their formal education. We aim to develop your child's sense of self by enabling them to form healthy relationships, acquire new skills and knowledge, all whilst having fun, fun, fun! We have daily teacher led English and Maths focused sessions and we have access to a variety of learning areas to support the curriculum. We enjoy exploring during our weekly Forest School session, this helps develop independence, self esteem and knowledge and understanding of the world. Our love of the outdoors is evident in our well-resourced outdoor area. We have a unit which is 'fit to burst' with exciting opportunities for learning and we look forward to sharing it with you.

The Nursery team are: Mrs Goddard (Class Teacher), Miss Edge (EYFS Leader), Miss Warner and Mrs Wilkinson. 

Class Information

All children attend the morning session 8.45 -12.00 am.

There is also an option for children to attend full day sessions 8.45 - 3.10 pm. If you are interested in 'topping up', please contact our school office 0161 766 2852 for more information and advice. 

Every Tuesday, the children pop on their wellies and explore the forest area, which is part of our incredible school - Make sure you come along to one of our parent/carer sessions so you can explore the excitement of a Welly Walk too!


Your child will be given a school book bag which they will need to bring to school every day, this is so that they can bring home any letters, creations, homework and their class library book (which gets changed on a weekly basis). 


If you have any questions, you are feeling unsure about anything or you would just like to introduce yourself, we happy to assist and love to meet and chat to parents regularly. Please see one of the team who will be happy to help.