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Whitefield Community Primary School

Pupil Jobs and Monitors

 The children of Whitefield Community Primary School are always keen to be involved in all aspects of school life and helping the school to run smoothly with the help of their incredible skills and talents. Here at Whitefield, we regularly advertise a wide range of jobs and monitors for the children to become involved with. We offer these jobs because not only do they support the staff team, but they prepare the children for essential life skills which will be useful as they get older and think about the careers they want to persue. There are a wide variety of wider opportunities and responsibilities for our children from Eco Council to Animal Carers, Tech Jedi's to Play Leaders and many more...


These jobs help to nurture a wide range of skills, such as: 

Resourcefulness, resilience, consideration, communication, teamwork, independence, respect, kindness, helpfulness and many many more. You will only have to chat to our amazing children to find out!  


The jobs are advertised on our 'Jobs Board' and children complete an application form to describe why they would be the best person for the job!


Watch this space for upcoming vacancies for... a school secretary! 

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