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Whitefield Community Primary School

Out of School Visits

We offer a comprehensive range of external visits. These include visits to local museums and parks as well as visit further a field. We have developed a detailed overview of all the opportunities available to the children of Whitefield Community Primary school. We also recognise that the funding for these visits can sometimes be difficult for parents. We therefore work with a number of charities to help support our families in funding the costs of these visits. This can be full funding of the visit or part funding dependent on the circumstances. These visits form a core part of the Whitefield offer in ensuring that all children are Inspired through the learning away from the classroom.

Not all visits are out of school. We work with a range of professionals and charities throughout the year developing links with people that visit our school to deliver presentations and displays. Below is an overview of the sort of experiences you can expect as a pupil of Whitefield Community Primary School