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Whitefield Community Primary School

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is held daily from 7:45am to 8.45am and is available for children from Reception to Year Six. Children will not be admitted into the Breakfast Club after 8.30am.

Parents or carers can drop their children off safely in the knowledge that they will receive the best pre-school care and a nutritious breakfast to start the day. We provide nutritious food such as cereal, fruit juice, toast and a range of different fruits. There are also a number of activities for the children to take part in including; board games, Lego, reading, drawing, painting. We also have a smoothie maker that children can use (with the staff) to create their own healthy smoothie to start their day!

We do not charge for our Breakfast as we are sponsored by The Greggs Foundation. You do need to book your child into the Breakfast Club by informing the school office, in advance. An adult must sign their child in to Breakfast Club each morning, unless you have an agreement (in exceptional circumstances) with the Headteacher. For further information please contact the school office.  

After School Club

At Whitefield Community Primary School we recognise that not all families are able to collect children at ten past three. Therefore we offer an after school club that parents can use Monday to Friday.  After school care is available from 15:10 until 17:10 and includes drinks and a snack for the children.

The clubs offers a range of activities both indoors and outdoors and is run from our Domestic Science room. Places at after school club can be booked via the main school office, there is always room for children in our club and we would like more children to attend. We also offer flexible times as well, this is for those families that may need to use our After School club for shorter amounts of time such as 30 mins or less. After school club is run by school staff who know the children are first aid trained.

You do need to book your child into the After School Club by informing the school office, in advance. We ask for payment in advance of the sessions, unless there is an exceptional circumstance which prevents this.

We charge £5 per hour for afterschool and have a small charge for those families wishing to use the club for less than 30 minutes.