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Whitefield Community Primary School


School Admissions

For admissions to the schools controlled by Bury Local Authority, the following procedures and policies are used:-

Parents have a legal right to express preferences for schools to which they wish their child to be admitted, but this is not the same as the right to choose a school. Places will be offered at each school in accordance with the school's admission policy. Admission numbers have been set at each school to enable as many children to gain entry into the school as the physical capacity allows.

The LA cannot guarantee that a place will be available at a school of your preference, because the demand for places can exceed places available. However, every effort will be made to enable your child to attend one of the schools of your preference.

Bury operates co-ordinated admissions schemes for both primary and secondary schools, for more information please see:  or call 0161 253 6474 for Bury Council Admissions 



If your child has not been offered a place at our school, you have the right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. You can appeal to any or all of the schools, using the online appeals system or by using the appeals form obtainable from Children's Services.

You should give the reasons for wanting a place at our school. A statement will be prepared showing why the LA or School Governors have not been able to offer a place.

Your form and the LA or Governors statement will form the basis of the consideration by the Appeals Panel. You will be invited to the meeting to discuss your case with the Panel. An LA representative or representative of the Governors will also be invited. The Panel will make their decision based on the information available to them at the meeting.

If it is necessary for you to go to the Independent Appeals Panel, further information will be sent to you by the Democratic Services Section of the Council who arrange the appeals meetings.

These pages are a guide to the process for admission to primary school. For further details please refer to the:
Admissions to Primary School Guide

Children born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 will be eligible to start in reception class at Whitefield Community Primary School in September 2023. You are encouraged to make contact with the school since the first step is for you to put your child's name down at the school. However, any indication you are given by the school cannot be taken as a guarantee of whether or not a place will be offered. A free copy of an overview of school is available directly from the school office.

Information with details of how to apply will be posted out to parents that have registered at a school or attend a nursery in November.

Apply online now. or call 0161 253 6474 for Bury Council Admissions