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Whitefield Community Primary School



"The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders arrange for regular safeguarding training to take place for staff and

governors. This helps them to identify any pupils who may be at risk of harm. Staff are encouraged to report any concerns they may have about pupils. These actions are promoting a culture of safeguarding."

Ofsted November 2021


Whitefield Community Primary School is fully committed to Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of all children.

Each child's welfare is of paramount importance. We have an extensive network of support in school and a variety of ways children can access the help that they may need.


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs K Dickson (Headteacher)

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mrs K. Dearing (Deputy Headteacher)

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mrs A Williams (SENCo)

Designated Safeguarding Governor: Mr M Griffin



Safeguarding Training - All Whitefield Primary School staff and governors receive relevant and regular training around Safeguarding. 

Safeguarding at Whitefield Community Primary

At WCP, Safeguarding we have a culture of vigilance towards safeguarding.  We train our staff to promote the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We want to give our children everything they need to ‘by Inpsire Dream Achieve'  ethos. 

We review our child protection policy and procedures frequently, with updated training provided for all school staff in order to offer a consistent, high quality approach to child protection and safeguarding. Our school has recruitment procedures that support the safeguarding of young people, as laid out in the Local Authority Safe Recruitment guidance. Our Safeguarding Team meet every week to discuss the needs of our children.

What to do if you are concerned:

If you are concerned about a child’s wellbeing, please share your concern with Mrs K Dickson, our Designated Safeguarding Lead, at the earliest opportunity. Contact her on 0161 766 2852 or

If your concerns relate to the actions or behaviour of a member of staff or volunteer in school, then you should report this to the Headteacher who will consider what action to take and seek relevant advice.

If the concern relates to the Headteacher, refer the matter to the Chair of Governors: Cllr Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

Safeguarding Training and Policies:

We update our Safeguarding Policy annually. This ensures that any new learning is incorporated into our policy and it can respond to the most up-to-date thinking regarding child protection. All of our staff take part in comprehensive Safeguarding training, ensuring that Safeguarding is seen as everybody’s business and everybody is equipped with the tools they need to protect our children. Regular updates keep our training refreshed and current. Our Designated Safeguarding Lead ensures that safeguarding newsletters and publications are circulated to all of our staff. It keeps us up to date and also spotlights a particular issue to deepen our knowledge.

Safeguarding Procedures for School Staff:

Teachers and Teaching Assistants monitor the wellbeing of children on a day to day basis. If they, or any other member of the team, have any concerns relating to the safeguarding of a child they will on our CPOMS. This goes directly to the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy DSLs who will decide what actions to take. We regularly work with a range of agencies locally who can help us to ensure the best outcome for the children in our care.

Safeguarding Procedures for Parents:
If parents have any concerns relating to the wellbeing of their children or any other children they can report it to the Designated Safeguarding Lead who will decide what action to take.

Should you ever have urgent concerns for the immediate safety of a child, you should contact the police, in the case of an emergency, or you can make a direct referral to MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) on 0161 253 5678.


Safeguarding Procedures for Children:
If children are concerned about their own well-being or the well-being of another child, they are encouraged to speak immediately to a teacher or trusted adult in school. All children are reminded of this throughout the school year, on our posters around school which explain the roles of Mrs Dickson, Mrs Williams and Mrs Dearing our Designated Safeguarding Leads.

Safeguarding in our Curriculum:
Equipping our children with the knowledge and skills they need to keep themselves, and others safe, is very important to us at Whitefield. We talk to our children about ways to keep safe, discussing safeguarding sensitively in our lessons, worship, assemblies and through displays. As part of our curriculum we work to develop ‘pupil voice’, showing children that their opinions matter and are valued.

Some examples of how keeping safe is embedded into our school life are:
PE – We learn about Healthy Lifestyles, how to exercise properly, keeping safe during all sports and how being active can help us to stay fit and healthy.
Computing – Staying safe online is a big part of our IT curriculum. We have regular e-safety updates, parent meetings and assemblies. We have monitoring software in school to ensure children can’t view anything inappropriate and we teach them explicitly how to enjoy the web safely.
NSPCC – Every 2 years, our children work with the NSPCC on important safeguarding matters. The NSPCC deliver age appropriate assemblies on Safeguarding issues and deliver workshops. The activities aim to educate children about abuse in an age appropriate way. 

Other Areas covered- Road safety, Sun safety, Water safety, Handwashing, Tooth brushing, Forest school safety, Fire safety, Firework code, Electricity safety, Safety around the house, Bikeability, Puberty, Transition, Peer mentoring, Self-esteem, Bereavement and loss,  Growth mindset, Relationships Education and more.


Early Help: Guidance for Parents to access support:

The Early Help delivery model has been developed through the multiagency Children Trust Partnership. 

  • There are 3 new locality Early Help teams based in Bury, Radcliffe and Whitefield and support all five neighbourhoods
  • The teams are working with children and young people, age 0-19, and their families
  • The teams are linked to the schools, so that every school in the borough has an Early Help contact
  • The Early Help teams link with partner organisations to ensure a joined up approach
  • A new Early Help assessment, the Story So Far, replaces the previous Early Help Family Support Plan and is already being successfully used by schools and other agencies

Contact details:

Whitefield Locality Team (including Prestwich)

Telephone Number: 0161 253 5077

Radcliffe Locality Team

Telephone Number: 0161 253 7465/7468

Bury Young Carers

The Bury Young Carers service (BYC) offers information, support and advice on issues relating to young carers who are looking after a parent or guardian who is disabled, has a mental health issue or has a problematic use of drugs or alcohol. They offer one to one and group support and activities for young people aged 7-18 years old. Tel: 0161 253 5144


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