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Whitefield Community Primary School

Early Years Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S.)


Starting school is an exciting time: a time of new experiences, new friends and new places. And in Whitefield Community Primary’s case, a brand new place, too! We have recently undertaken a complete refurbishment of the unit which has been adapted to fit with the needs of our children. Our school days provide a secure and anxiety-free environment where your child can play, explore, experiment, investigate and learn. We also encourage the children to acquire skills and knowledge through first-hand experience, gaining a sound understanding of the world around them.


If you are looking for a Nursery or Reception place for your child and you are interested in coming to have a look around, or meeting one of our team to answer some of your questions, please contact the main school office on 0161 766 2852. 


Forest School

Just imagine taking a group of three- and four-year-olds into the woods building shelters, leaping into puddles, exploring and experiencing the natural world through practical activities. This is what Forest School is all about!


Every week, the children in Nursery and Reception take part in Forest School sessions. Forest School enables children to lead their own learning, which arises through curiosity and exploration, with many multi-sensory opportunities. Surrounded by established broad leaf trees, with paths that run through woodland and a large green field, the site really is a beautiful place for the children to explore and learn. It offers an abundance of ways in which the children can develop emotional and social skills alongside cognitive development. Forest School teaches the children to be resilient, and also enables learners to develop a holistic understanding of their setting and wider world, considering their spiritual relationship with the surroundings.

Our School Day

8.45 am 
Children are met by their teachers as they come into school.

9.00 am
Assemble on the carpet for register and whole class carpet time (Phonics).

9.20 am
Continuous Provision - independent, guided or focused.

10.20 am
Snack Time

10.30 am
Continuous Provision - independent, guided or focused.

11.25 am
Group time; maths

11.45 am
Story time. Children wash hands, then have lunch.
Teachers sit and have lunch with the children so that they get to know each other outside the classroom environment. Reception children have a hot school dinner for free.

12.00 noon 

Nursery children - home time

12:45 pm
Register then group time; Topic

1.25 pm
Children free to play in learning areas inside and outside. This time is dedicated to independent learning and group work, for example: hunting for shapes around the classroom, role playing, reading, art. Everything is focused on making Early Years a happy, caring environment where children enjoy learning.

2.45 pm

Group story time/celebration and reflection time.  Distribute pictures/bookbags, etc.

Official home time.